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1 day

  • English

  • Online


An intense Cypress test automation course for people who have basic knowledge of programming, but are new to test automation or to Cypress.

We'll talk about when test automation is needed and useful and will be teaching Cypress from scratch

By the end of the course you'll know how to create your own test automation project, write simple and trustworthy tests and how to make tests faster with mocks and API calls

What you'll learn

1 Why and when to use automated testing
2 How to find CSS selectors
3 How to begin with your first automated testing project
4 How to improve an existing project
5 Cypress core concepts:
  • Architecture
  • Writing and organising tests
  • Graphical interface
6 More advanced concepts:
  • Mocking requests
  • Making API calls

Training program

Theoretical part

A short, up to 30 minutes introduction that contains:

  • Introduction to automated testing
    • When to use it
    • When and how to use shortcuts
  • Introduction to Cypress
    • Architecture
    • Graphical interface
    • Code examples
Hands on part

Hands on part will take the rest of the day, where we'll be learning about Cypress and writing code. We do that with 2 separate projects:

  • Example project
    • Learning the Cypress UI
    • Learning how to find CSS selectors
    • Learning to write and run tests
  • Training project
    • Learning about the app under test
    • Writing code according to the best practices
    • Continuous learning about Cypress, why and how to write tests even better
Keywords: Test isolation, naming conventions, Cypress commands, assertions, hooks, custom commands, configuration, introduction to API calls

Training summary


  • 1 full day of training
  • From your home or office
  • Suitable for single person or the whole team without the need to travel
The course will take place when enough people have registered. In the event that not enough people register, we offer a new suitable time to reschedule

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